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Black Women Invest In Screening Stations


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Black Women Founders Bring COVID-19 Screening Stations to Schools, Offices, Prisons and More

Two entrepreneurs — Lynda M. Dorman, CEO and Carolyn E. Howell, President of Orange Wall Enterprises — have made history as the first Black women to sign a distribution and licensing deal for autonomous screening stations that recognize the initial symptoms of COVID-19. These stations, produced by Promobot, a Robotics and AI Technology company, are being installed in high traffic areas such as office buildings, prisons, schools, college campuses, healthcare facilities, places of worship, transportation stations, movie theaters, museums, or anywhere people gather.

With COVID-19 infections surpassing 2.2 million confirmed cases and rising in the United States, Black and Brown communities continue to be among the hardest-hit populations in the country. The coronavirus pandemic has brought to the forefront the vital need for ongoing temperature monitoring as a first line of defense, in fact, in some states, certain employers are required to conduct routine onsite temperature checks as a permissible screening mechanism.

“We are thrilled to be working with such a respected team of engineers and software developers to expand our company’s capability and assist in reducing the risk of the spread of the virus,” says Lynda. Their company will sell these temperature screening stations under their own brand called
Orange ThermoControl™ and Orange ThermoControl Plus™ powered by Promobot

“These stations are game-changers and have the ability to impact a lot of people by bringing this safety solution to the masses,” says Carolyn.

Orange ThermoControl™ and Orange ThermoControl Plus™ are free-standing and offer a non-contact thermal temperature reader, camera, 21.5" display, face recognition module, access control system module, advance notification system, built-in speakers for audio assistance, and customizable software integration. The stations provide a fast, convenient, contact-free process for measuring body temperature and allows communication between user and remote operator with privacy in mind. Telepresence mode is an advanced notification system able to integrate with a company’s CRM access control systems and satisfies ADA standards for accessible design.

Even more,
Orange ThermoControl™ and Orange ThermoControl Plus™ powered by Promobot are programmed and assembled in the USA, creating jobs for U.S. workers. Installation consists of three quick steps and does not require any prolonged commissioning.

"We see our products as a necessary enhancement to safety protocols to assist with the health and well-being of people everywhere. There is no need to take a chance and risk your staff and employee’s exposure to COVID-19 when we have the solution," they add.

The pair also are exclusive distributors for innovative rapid antibody test kits that can determine whether or not a person has been exposed to the COVID-19 virus within minutes.

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